Calypso Mini artwork

SKU: Cal

Calypso had an interesting production. I made an A3 drawing on heavy watercolour paper, using large brushes and black Indian ink.... sadly, the drawing didn't please me at all, so I tore it up! Later, I received some sad news about an artist friend, and I decided to try to make something - a collage from the torn pieces. However, one piece reminded me of a roiling sea, and I drew into it the figure of a lone woman, her hair whipping in the wind. It reminded me of the story of Odysseus, who lived on Calypso's island with her for 7 years. Yearning for his home and his wife, he left - I thought perhaps on wild nights Calypso might stand and weep in the sea like this.

It would look good mounted larger, but for now can be sent easily in its little 7X5" deep box frame.