P21 A3 Reflective Moment

SKU: P21A3 Reflect

Mysterious thoughtful lady by the lake - one of Lizzie Huxtable's Rorschach Series, where black ink is casually thrown onto paper, which is folded, producing a symmetrical ink blot. In psychological tests, this is then interpreted. Instead, Lizzie uses this serendipitous element to challenge her imagination and produce a character... sometimes with quite a quirky narrative! They are different every time, and many are cast off, but when the medium and the idea combines well, they have magical properties. Always compelling as interior accents, and great conversation pieces.

Giclee print from the original, on archival quality paper. A3 print on archival paper. Sent in sturdy tube. Sorry, no returns on prints.

Please note: copyright remains with the artist;the image may not be copied, re-used or published in any format or product without licence from Lizzie Huxtable.